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Caring about your feet and tuning your muscular system to perform at its best is the core of the tyfo design philosophy, so we created a chassis and footbeds that can enhance your muscular systems performance in these ways when you play your sport.

Walking & Hiking

After the first few steps you’ll feel the superior cushioning of the tyfo Footbed material and how it uses the contact with the path, stones or rocks to increase the stimulation effect of the tyfo Dome Technology™, helping reduce fatigue and keeping you energized. 

Running & Gym Training

Stronger faster movement comes from Stronger muscles that can generate higher levels of ground reaction forces. tyfo products activate and stimulate these key muscles over time which will improve your form to deliver a more efficient stride and improve the muscular loading from your feet all the way to your lower back. Run further, faster, for longer and recover quicker with tyfo. 


tyfo activated feet allow you to grip and leverage more power through the pedalling phase, energising your feet and enhancing your sense of the bike underneath you for better balance & reactivity. Increased bloodflow reduces lactic acid build up and improves your endurance. 


Golf is a balance sport and yet most golfers are usually too far forward on their toes or too far back on their heels during their swing. tyfo Footbeds fix that by instantly providing a stable platform for both feet during the swing phase, distributing your weight more evenly and allowing for a more efficient & dynamic transfer of forces through the hitting phase. This improves your accuracy, ground force & club head speed for even greater distance & less dispersion

Court Sports

Your toes and ankles search for the best stability when reacting to fast changes of direction. Feet activated by tyfo will improve your grip & stability on court, as well as enhancing your overall movement. 

Winter Sports

Feet activated by tyfo have enhanced ability to grip and balance through the turning , jumping and sliding phase, as well as improving overall leg power which is critical for performance on the slopes.

Field Sports

Balance when turning at speed & stability of the standing leg are all enhanced by tyfo. Cushioning is also critical to reduce the load on your knees. 

Basketball & Netball

In high impact sports like basketball, tyfo Footbeds offer the highest level of cushioning possible. ‘Energised’ toes and ankles will enhance your stability and grip of the court.


The foot, toes and ankle use tyfo Dome Technology ™ to create more power and strength in the foot muscles’ normal cycle.


Superior comfort comes from the tyfo footbed’s ability to cradle the arch, triggering a natural feeling of freedom in the foot’s muscles.


Domes hold and structure the foot to improve body alignment and posture.


tyfo builds your Core Foot Strength and activates your entire kinetic chain for more efficient movement, better endurance & greater power.


Our skin, soft tissue and receptors are probed and activated increasing sensations used for improving strength and balance, whilst feeling good underfoot.


The soft muscle tissue stimulation drives a feeling of boundless energy and more ambition.


Allows the foot’s natural wish to press and compress and search for the base of its contact with the ground to enable better balance and feeling.


Improves the ability of both the foot and the arch to create stability. Improving our power output and performance.


We’d love to know what you think about your new tyfo shoes – good or bad!

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