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Simon has been a leader of innovation all the way through his career, firstly with adidas, Reebok, nomis, and now tyfo. His standout product concept was the legendary adidas ‘Predator’, which has sold more than 120 million pairs worldwide and was largely responsible for the rebirth of the adidas brand at that time.

His personal philosophy, 
“if you care about an athlete then you must care about their feet”, has now inspired him to create a new brand called ‘tyfo’ - which literally means, ‘turn your feet on’.


This new brand focuses on ‘inspiring our feet’ to do more and achieve more. tyfo do this by creating new sensations within their shoes that engage with our natural foot sensory system, which then improves our motor skills and helps us to feel better and perform better – every day.

tyfo shoes can improve everyone in some way, and that’s Simon’s motivation. He can instinctively see all humans benefiting from this new way of connecting our feet to our shoes, and thereby our feet to the ground.

“Shoes today are being sold like t-shirts, where every brand offers their own colour and their logo in a way that suggests shoes have lost much of their performance value. I want to introduce higher performance shoes that your feet can immediately sense are there to help them, and in doing so, help you to perform and feel better.“

“We are all athletes in our own way; when we travel through our personal journey every day, it’s important to look after yourself and listen to yourself."

Because Your Feet Matter!



Ezio is our ‘Conscious Foot Doctor’, having worked with leading sports science leaders and being a foot and ankle specialist himself, Ezio has a strong voice within our team. He seeks to achieve a balance between engaging with our internal ‘Foot Sensory System’ to inspire a higher performance, and also ways in which we can positively improve that performance through clever design of our Chassis and Footbeds.

Ezio is our ‘proprioception conscience’, in that he ‘hears’ the noises and messages that your feet are making from your daily activities, and uses that information to create new sensations and performance improvements.

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