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Our mission was to create a product that would almost immediately improve your sense of movement and stimulate an increase in the ground forces you create so that walking/running faster / further or hitting the golf ball greater distances or with more accuracy is now within your grasp ...

Your feet have a built in speaker system that’s imbedded inside your nerve cells, muscles and skin. It’s job is to transmit simple messages that occur when we stand or move. These messages help your muscles to be more efficient. Currently this speaker system is deactivated. 

Human movement is greatly influenced by the positive msgs that this speaker system can supply to our muscles so without tyfo insoles its almost impossible to achieve higher function or the highest performance possible.

After 1000 + fittings its reasonable for us to say that nearly every tester had a deactivated speaker system at the start but within 4-5 minutes the Tyfo insoles changed all that. 

Almost immediate Activation of this speaker system (which is a series of tiny mechanoreceptors imbedded in our feet )occurs when you stand on the Tyfo insole. A Cleverly designed insole surface uses the body weight to open up these receptors so that as soon as you start to move , the speaker system stimulates a greater reaction to the ground forces that you create enabling you to have a stronger response when pulling away from the ground.

This new higher sensory input into the muscle allows it to strengthen and over time achieve a higher output leading to faster , longer or higher movements than before. 

Tyfo is the only brand that activates and stimulates these mechano receptors to achieve a higher performance.

Below are some of the research papers that inspired and informed our journey. Being academic papers they make for some pretty dry reading, but if you are a medical professional or simply just curious about the latest science around the role of the foot in human movement and health then these resources may be of interest.

A more plain-speaking summary of some of these concepts can be found in this article, originally published in The Times (UK, 4th June 2018) Click Here

The foot core system: a new paradigm for understanding intrinsic foot muscle function (cited in The Times article above)

Paper: Click Here


Proprioception: The Forgotten Sixth Sense

Paper: Click Here


The Role of Proprioception in the Management and Rehabilitation of Athletic Injuries

Paper: Click Here


Sensitivity Mapping of The Human Foot: Thresholds at 30 Skin Locations

Paper: Click Here


Foot and ankle sensory neuropathy, proprioception, and postural stability

Paper: Click Here


The Multi-Functional Foot in Athletic Movement: Extraordinary Feats by Our Extraordinary Feet

Paper: Click Here


Intrinsic foot muscles have the capacity to control deformation of the longitudinal arch

Paper: Click Here


Note: the above papers are not based on tyfo specific products or testing, but are independent analysis of human function and therefore any benefits from tyfo are inferred. Tyfo Sports Ltd has not funded and was not involved in any of these studies.


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