Frequently asked questions

Is it normal to feel any discomfort?

The experience is an easy one for the vast majority of people, but there may be some discomfort in order to gain for a few individuals. This has to do with their foot sensitivity or muscle structure (eg: flat feet) or weak foot musculature in general reacting to the new stimulation but it is nothing to worry about. Any discomfort you feel is related to this new muscle activation. Think of it like going to the gym for the first time after a long period of inactivity – if you overwork dormant muscles you will get some DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) in the period afterwards. It is not uncommon in the early stages to experience some mild tingling in the lower legs as the muscles liberate and the new forces are being experienced by your muscular system – this activation can be felt as high as the glutes and is normal.

How long does it take?

The initial activation happens immediately, however to gain the full benefits takes time. You don’t get strong muscles the day after you hit the gym, and so it is with your tyfo footbeds. Every foot and every person is different, so how long it takes you to adjust varies from as little as a few hours to as long as a few weeks – listen to your feet and go at a pace that suits you. We provide a “6 Step Program” that provides a step by step guide to breaking in your tyfo’s and building your core foot strength.

I have flat feet – can I use tyfo?

YES People with flat feet usually stand the most to benefit from tyfo, but will also take the longest to adjust and they might experience a little more discomfort early on. Flat feet take the longest to adjust as the feet need to be restructured and the collapsed arch muscles will need more time to strengthen and adapt back to their original/intended form. Over time your arch should start to rebuild its natural shape. The arch acts as a natural springboard & load bearing support for the body, so enhancing it is just one of the ways tyfo improves your performance.

Can I use my tyfo footbeds in other footwear?

Our range of Single footbeds fit most casual and athletic shoes - narrow or tight fitting shoes (eg: knit uppers or leather dress shoes) tend to cause the most fit issues but varies by brand. When in doubt, going down a size in footbeds vs your regular shoe size usually helps. For a perfect fit we recommend using our tyfo footwear which have been specifically designed for a precise fit with our footbeds for maximum performance & benefit.

Why are there different footbed models?

Tyfo footbeds come in 3 different densities which alters the firmness of the effect & feel underfoot. We use a system of “Levels” to distinguish the INCREASE IN STIMULATION of the footbeds, and have two distinct “Profiles” designed to activate your Foot Sensory System IN SINGLE LAYER AND DOUBLE LAYER OPTIONS Level 1 Our softest footbed, suitable for most people & everyday use. Available in our Performance footbed profile WE OFFER SINGLE & DOUBLE LAYER FOOTBEDS Level 2 Our medium density footbed. The next step to building stronger feet, especially for all athletes or those looking to progress from our Performance models to an even stronger level of stimulation. Suitable for everyday use provided you have built up your core foot strength. Only available in the Advanced footbed profile. WE OFFER SINGLE & DOUBLE LAYER FOOTBEDS Level 3 Our firmest and strongest level of stimulation. Suitable for short, quick burst activation before activity or for post-activity recovery sessions as opposed to all day use. Recommended for elite athletes or those serious about their training & recovery. Only available in our Advanced footbed profile. WE OFFER IN DOUBLE LAYER FOOTBEDS ONLY. Our products consist of two distinct profiles: Performance (Level 1) – our base model with the softest underfoot feel designed to train weak feet & reactivate your deactivated Foot Sensory System. Advanced (Level 2) / Professional (Level 3) – these models both have additional stimulation nodes compared to the Performance model as well as increased density for an even stronger effect. Designed for athletes or those who have progressed from our Performance Level 1.

Which tyfo is right for me?

Ultimately it comes down to your foot sensitivity and your personal preference to how the Footbeds feel under foot, but we do recommend the following based on extensive testing & user feedback: Performance: suitable for anyone regardless of age or activity level. All day/everyday use. Advanced: suitable for most people, especially athletes or those seeking a higher level of stimulation or performance. All day/everyday use. Professional: suitable for elite athletes with good core foot strength. Ideal for quick activation pre-activity or post-activity recovery (short session use).

How should I clean my tyfo Footbeds and how long should they last?

Tyfo footbeds can be cleaned using neutral soap and then aired to dry completely. Products containing any solvents or alcohol as ingredients (including as propellants) are not recommended as they may cosmetically damage the footbed however should not affect overall performance. Unlike most other brands of insoles which use various types of foam which compresses & breaks down over time, tyfo uses durable polyurethane which will retain its shape and performance properties for many years to come.